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From the time human recognized himself and needed the necessities of the  life, man was thinking of having a product to protect him from the cold and the hardness of the earth.

Wool and animal hair, such as sheep and goats, were the first human findings to meet this need, and the skin of these animals was the first substrate, in other words, the carpet. Following the evolution of life, human learned that he can make thicker and warmer subtleties by combining and squeezing wool fibers.

The carpets have many different types, the main category of carpets are divided into two parts: 1) Machine carpet 2) Handmade carpet.

Carpets price or even the floor carpet price in Delhi and another place of the world , because of its variety are so different , and for having information about carpets and carpet’s price you should talk with its experts.

Floor Carpet Price In Delhi

best type of carpets for living room

Floor Carpet Price In DelhiMan holds the carpet to save his life from moisture and creatures and animals under the soil instead of straw and mat and leaves of palm tissues. In all history, the carpet was first produced in Iran. Iran’s carpet has a very long history, in Iran, it has long been used in many types of carpets and has an ancestral motive. There are many different types of carpets, with a number of variations of even more than 1,000 or 2,000 types.

To select the carpet, you should consider the shape of the room, the layout, the layout, the color and the size of the carpet. Other than these, the most important factors to consider when choosing a carpet for the living room are the type of fibers the carpet is made of.carpets for living room should be made of natural fibers.  The more fibers and yarns used in the carpet are more natural, the same is the carpet for the health of the bones and body.

different carpet texture pattern

Floor Carpet Price In DelhiThe magic beauty of the color and the role of the carpets of the land of Iran is such that it can be said that the highest rank among the popular arts. Presence and survival of the carpet in the history of Iran’s plateau is always a symbol of the culture and art of the inhabitants of the villages, cities and peoples of the tribes and tribes.

carpet texture pattern , In each of the areas with their own methods and methods, they relied on the functional properties of carpets and tried to create beauty. The color and role in each of the regions have their native and specific characteristics, which, along with the technical characteristics of each area, make it possible to identify carpets from each other.

Different categories for designing  in Persian carpet are expressed that I will introduce some of them here :

  1. Islamic and architectural monuments
  2. ” Shah Abbasi ” carpet designs
  3. “Eslimi” carpet desings
  4. “Afshan” carpet designs
  5. and too many other designs of carpets that all of them have their own unique beauty.

floor carpet price without installation

Floor Carpet Price In DelhiYou need to know how many factors affect the price of a carpet. One of these factors is the Kind of the fibers that are used to produce the carpet. The fibers have a huge variety and are produced in different countries, for example, fibers, which are produced in Germany, are more expensive than the produced fibers in Turkey.

The other determinant factor in carpet prices is its congestion. The design of the carpets and their type of coloring also have a huge impact on the price of the carpet. Carpet pricing is a very specialized discussion, and it’s best to talk with retailers and experts about carpet prices and prices.

Cheapest Simple Floor Carpet Price in Delhi

Floor Carpet Price In DelhiIf you are looking for cheap carpets to buy, you have to look for  carpets that are woven with machines  because handcrafted carpets are much more expensive than carpets due to the difficulty of knitting them.

Machine carpet prices depend on many factors. Size, gender, number of colors, brand, texture, density and … . It is clear that the larger the carpet, the more expensive it is. Of course, handmade carpets are also cheap ones; woolen rugs are priced lower in Iran than silk rugs, but the cheapest carpets are rugs that are woven by the machine.

there are many sellers of the machine woven carpets or handcrafted carpets in Delhi and you can find the cheapest samples from them to buy.

These days, with the advancement of industrial carpet weaving machines, these carpets have different patterns and designs that are beautiful and attractive in their own way.