Wall to wall seagrass carpet cost | at wholesale

Imagine you come home, unlock the door and in the hallway you will find a modern gray carpet. You can leave the shoes on the doormat outside the front door and walk barefoot over the comfortable floor.

In the living room is a Lang floor carpet directly in front of your living area and in the kitchen is a runner who has promised you directly in our offer. And if there is no carpet left in the children’s room to make cleaning easier, you can also put a play mat in your room for visual support of the room and for the well-being of your child. At we have various models for you. The colors, the patterns, the size, the material and also the price differ. Carpets also have the advantage that you do not have to lay carpet. You can roll them out directly onto the existing floor covering.


Wall to wall seagrass carpet cost | at wholesale

Wall to wall seagrass carpet cost for bedroom

Cuddly in the bedroomEveryone knows it: You have to get up early in the morning and get out of bed sleepily. With luck one gets one hand and half open eyes still the button to put out the alarm clock. When the feet then touch the cold floor, you want to scurry right under the blanket and turn around to close your eyes.

POCO ensures that getting up is fun with a lot of cuddly carpets or soft fur. Carpets are the best alternative for carpets and offers many models for a reasonable price. You can lay them out directly in front of the bed and if they disturb you, they can easily be rolled up.

We offer a large selection of matching accessories for your bedroom, with which you can round off your decor. Find the right bed linen, fluffy pillows, stylish candle holders and a color-coordinated decorative scarf for your bedroom. Whether gray, blue, black or a bright pink – we are not in the way of your color. And remember, you spend most of your time in the bedroom.

Small but beautiful – carpets for the little ones

Small but beautiful - carpets for the little ones

It is also important to you that the nursery gets a special accent? At you will also find cheap children’s rugs in different colors and shapes. We offer you a selection of play carpets, such as a road carpet or a foam puzzle. We also have children’s carpets with beautiful motifs, such as animals and flowers. Furnish your children’s room at a good price and make them happy. Even the smallest in the house have a right to a nice room to live. With a children’s rug the room looks much more inviting for the little ones. Find the right deco for the nursery and make your little ones happy. At there are great children. Worry about the design, the color scheme and the matching furniture.

The agony of choice

The agony of choiceThere are numerous carpets in our range, so the choice is yours. Choose the furniture’s decoration and accessories, or choose the furniture to your pre-selected flooring and add color to your home with a rug in selected color? You can, for example, combine your cushions, selected for the functional corner, with a white long-pile carpet. And if you think monochrome rugs in grey, black, white or brown are too boring, then we still have the alternative for you to choose a bright color. And if you are bored with simple colors, such as grey, black, white or brown, we still have the alternative for you to choose a bright color. You can not decide? Just take a few carpets and equip your apartment or house with them. Your home certainly has enough space for the carpets from

By the way: Did you know that you even get bathtubs at The bathroom gets thereby a whole new flair and acts directly inviting. Take a look around in our category bathroom textiles and discover the many design options for your bathroom.

Plain moquette

Plain moquette with wall to wall price

Plain moquette with wall to wall price .  Carpets are very well famous items in the world . These are widely known because of the qualities they hold , that make them unbeatable . One of the kind of carpets is Moquette , which has diversity as well such as Plain Moquette .

Furthermore , Moquette is leading kind of carpets in the world . These carpets are very widely famous , as people love using them , at various places and for various purposes . Further , the carpets are amazing textiles , with so many unbeatable attributes . Moquette is the best kind of carpets throughout the globe . Carpets , most of the times , produce by the following countries :

  • Turkey
  • Azerbaijan
  • France
  • Morocco
  • Iran

Moreover , carpets fabricate by the above countries , are outstanding textiles . These are very well famous items in various ways . The textiles hold diverse types and Moquette is one of them . Further, Moquette carpets are very unique kind of textiles .

Prominence of Moquette carpets worldwide

Carpets are very well known items in various ways , as we have mentioned before . These items are the manifestation of traditional and cultural importance of the producing countries . Further , Moquette carpets are very well known items mong them all . The carpets are greatly famous in the world .

Additionally , Moquette carpets , stand out of ordinary in the various markets of the world . These textiles are highly famous carpets , as people demand for the carpets , at a very high scale . Further , the carpets are comparatively greatly in use , both in the Eastern and the Western world .

Furthermore , the textiles , are outstanding items because of the qualities they hold . The carpets are very well famous items in the world , as the properties and the diversity including Plain Moquette , is the need of people these days . Further , Moquette carpets , are highly charming textiles .

Plain moquette

Details about Plain moquette

Carpets like Moquette carpets , are the outstanding , as we have mentioned before , textiles . The highest well known kind of carpets is Moquette , which has it’s famous types known as Plain Moquette . Further , the carpets are immensely beautiful textiles .

Moreover , Plain moquette , is the most commonly used kind of Moquette . The carpet is present at  a high scale in the diverse markets of the world. Further, all kinds of Moquette carpets are very prominent figures of the textile industries . The carpets are very famous textiles in the world .

Additionally , Moquette carpets , are present at various rates . The carpets could be found at discounted prices as well . Normally , price gets higher , if quality of product increases . Further , the carpets are highly unique items in the world , which gives our houses , highly unique appearance .

Plain moquette

Diverse kinds of Moquette carpets

Moquette carpets are extremely famous kind of carpets in the world . These textiles are highly known because of the outstanding importance of them . Further , every successful product , that is present in the markets , hold diversity . This is the main cause of high customers rate . Similarly , Moquette carpets , own variety and is famous as a successful item .

Furthermore , Plain moquette carpets , is the part of diversity of Moquette carpets . This carpet is highly famous in the world . Moquette carpets , may distinguish from each other on the basis of designs , patterns , colors as well as sizes .

Plain moquette

The beauty of Plain Moquette carpets

Moquette carpets hold all the beauteous elements , that a carpet should hold . These elements are responsible of the attraction of these carpets . Further , the carpets are very highly famous textiles because of the qualities they hold , which make the carpets , a very beautiful product .

Additionally , Moquette carpets , are highly unique items and known as exquisite kind of carpets . Plain moquette carpets own all the beauteous elements of Moquette .

Plain moquette