Modern Wall To Wall Carpet| Exports and Imports of Wall to Wall Carpets

Modern Wall To Wall Carpet is a thick, heavy textile used to cover the floor surface. The carpet can be made of natural or synthetic fibers, generally containing a layer of crack and lint on the top. Carpeting is used to insulate the space, create a warm and comfortable floor surface, reduce noise and add color to the home decoration.

Modern Wall To Wall Carpet| Exports and Imports of Wall to Wall Carpets

What is the most popular carpet color?

What is the most popular carpet color?Wall to wall carpet color is a very popular standard and is a different color in every part of the world.One of the most popular flooring designs in interior decoration are carpets that come in a variety of long lint or short lint. Maybe you have come up with a carpet for your carpet and are trying to coordinate the carpet with other furniture and appliances in this space, especially the carpet. Answer the question of one of our best friends about the best carpet color for your reception, this question may be of concern to your loved ones, so stay with us.In general, color is the first choice when choosing a carpet because a dark wall to wall carpet designs will make your space smaller and more intimate, while a light carpet can make your space larger and more attractive. It will be much harder as well. When you have your furniture and carpet in the reception area, or the color spectrum is vibrant and vibrant, so the color of your chosen wall carpet decor should be color, neutral and simple or, finally, a regular texture. Yes, this will bring balance to your interior, but otherwise your space will be visually disturbed and the components of carpeted walls Domestic lose its charm.

Modren patterns and designs for wall to wall carpets

Modren patterns and designs for wall to wall carpetsWe help you make the right choice and don’t waste your money and time for patterns and design for wall to wall carpets for home. For this purpose, when buying and installing carpeting, consider the following: Carpet Installation For example, compact and high-performance carpeting are the most appropriate option to cover high-traffic areas, while velvet carpeting cannot be Places used because they are easily crushed. Seam at the carpet joints The carpet in the marketplace is generally 2 to 4 cm and sometimes 2 cm in length. In this case, carpet seams will inevitably be created at the joint after installation. The degree of seam appearance between carpets depends on the type, texture and color of the carpet. For example, after the installation of compact carpet carpets, the appearance of the seams that occur is greater than any other carpet type. When installing carpets next to each other, be sure to sleep on the towels. Quality equals durability Quality carpets are more compact and durable, making them durable and durable. On the other hand, it is much easier to move and replace higher quality carpets when changing decoration. Importance of Carpet Color As you know, color is one of the main decoration items of any room and since carpet covers a large part of a room, therefore the principles of carpet color must be taken into consideration when choosing a carpet. The important thing about carpet color is that the color of the carpet when brought home after purchase is brighter than when the carpet was in the shop. Always the color you see in the shop is darker than the color you will see at home. This is a kind of natural vision error and you should consider it when choosing a carpet color. Another thing to consider is how the carpet color looks on the scale of a room and how it affects the entire room. For example, light-colored carpets make the room more open and darker carpets make the walls look closer together and induce a sense of intimacy.

Trade of wall to wall carpets in Asia

Trade of wall to wall carpets in AsiaTo know and identify the best carpets in Asia, you need to know the characteristics of a quality carpet.An outstanding feature of the best carpet, durability, durability and high resistance to traffic is the best option for flooring such as meeting rooms, amphitheaters and conference halls. Quality carpeting with the characteristics and standards of office and commercial space is used as the ideal flooring.One of the most important issues in choosing a flooring for auditoriums is maintaining sound quality and reflection. In this regard, Prime Floors office carpets can provide quite favorable conditions due to their acoustic capabilities and volume control.In addition, it is easy to clean and maintain office carpets in such a way that they maintain their original color and quality of fiber after each wash. Firefighting and non-fire transportation to adjacent spaces is another standard that has been considered in the process of producing quality carpet. In addition to being used in commercial areas, quality carpets are the best option for meeting rooms, large lobbies or long corridors in spaces such as hotels, amphitheaters and conference rooms.

How to identify carpet patterns?

How to identify carpet patterns?To identify the best carpets, you need to know the characteristics of a quality carpet. First, be careful about the space you want to carpet with. Traffic rate is one of the important factors in carpet selection. If you are looking for a carpet or corridor, use durable, durable and thick carpeting. Traffic is high in areas such as the corridor, entrance and living space, and if you choose a soft and long carpet for these spaces, they will soon lose their original form and beauty and affect the beauty of your home decoration. Remember that by checking the back of the carpet you can be sure of its strength. Carpets with closer knots and compactness are more durable. If you have a small child, avoid buying a long lint carpet. Next, think about how much you care about flooring. Be honest with yourself. If you have a small child at home or a large family, it is likely that your carpet will be filled up with dust, dirt, dust, etc. for a very short period of time and you will need to clean it early. If you have a small child at home, the importance of this is doubled, as children usually play on the floor, and contaminated flooring can cause your child to get sick. However, if you are a small-family family and have no small children, your carpeting is likely to stay clean longer. Keep in mind, however, that keeping long carpets clean will be more difficult than cleaning compact carpets and short carpets. Keeping this in mind will make it easier for you to choose a carpet.Now that you’ve chosen the type and gender of your carpet, it’s your choice of color. Consider the area of ​​space and determine your color range accordingly. Generally, light colored floors make the space large and attractive, and darker floors make the space appear smaller. If you have a small space and want to look big and bright, go for models with a ton of bright colors when choosing a carpet color. Patterned and multi-colored carpets, like darker carpets, make the space a little smaller. Don’t forget this. However, none of these points are irreversible. If you like, you can choose a dark and patterned carpet for a small space. Be sure what your personal taste is the best choice for home decoration.

How to tell if wall carpet is valuable ?

How to tell if wall carpet is valuable ?If you are looking for a good, quality and valuable carpet, be sure to buy from reputable dealers with warranty and guarantee. The durability of the carpet depends on factors such as thickness and density, fiber content and how it is made.When buying a carpet back carefully. If the knots are close together and the compactness of the tissue is greater, the carpet is more durable and durable. Carpet density is the high number of carpet fiber strands. The higher the density, the longer the carpet will last. The higher the density, the softer the carpet will be. This, of course, depends on the customer’s desire to prefer softness to longevity and roughness.Fiber is the main carpet texture that exists in various types such as wool fibers and nylon fibers. Fibers can also be made from polyester or soluble polyester fibers, tricysta polyester fibers, or olefin fibers, each having their own properties.

How do I identify my wall to wall carpet manufacturer?

How do I identify my wall to wall carpet manufacturer?There are a number of ways to keep you guessing about the authenticity of the products purchased. Unfortunately, some companies face unhealthy competition instead of focusing on product development; copying their brand names and quality brand designs. Follow. So we are going to introduce you to the originals of the products.Labels are designed with full carpet specifications including name, product code, color, type of woven yarn, back cover material, dimensions, area and barcode image recorded. These labels are attached to all high quality carpets and provide complete information about the product you purchased, helping you identify the main products. At the end of the production process, all carpet skirts Available with cellophones on which the logo, company name and standard mark are printed. So this type of packaging can also draw your attention when buying and provide a criterion for identifying genuine products.The 16-digit serial number printed on the carpet is one of the indicators of the authenticity of the products, which in addition to displaying product differentiation, is also a gateway to festivals and receiving feedback on product-related comments. You can contact the manufacturer’s number directly to confirm the authenticity of the product purchased.

Various decorative carpets for homes at low prices

Various decorative carpets for homes at low pricesIf you want to make a cost-effective decoration change in your living room then the best option for you is choosing a carpet. A carpet designed to fit your living space can give you a unique decoration. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to create a sense of style or add visual beauty to the home. Color, texture and design can add warmth, charm and personality to your space. Carpeting can also be an acoustic barrier and reduce the noise and noise of home appliances.

It is best not to use carpeting in the entrance hallways and spaces where there is a lot of commuting. Better choices in these spaces are more durable materials, such as wood flooring, which can be aesthetically pleasing with small carpets. If you have stairs in the interior of your home, carpeting can make it less likely to slip and fall off the stairs. Especially if your child is small, this can increase the security of the home. In rest areas such as bedrooms, carpeting and carpeting can also make you feel more warm and comfortable.

Well-known brands of carpets in Asia

Well-known brands of carpets in AsiaCurrently one of the most famous companies in the carpet industry is an Iranian carpet company that offers excellent quality products in the market,It has all the features of a high quality carpet and a great variety of colors and designs.But it seems like shoppers these days are just out of fashion and unfortunately out of sight and out of sight without comparing information about domestic products,They only choose to hear the name of a foreign brand Or they have a false belief that everything is just good outside;So they go to foreigners with no hesitation.It goes without saying that foreign brands of carpets in the Iranian market are really high quality and brands from the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy are marketed. Belgian products are more expensive than others. Different from those used in carpeting,But they don’t really know exactly what these different fibers are.Chinese products are always available in the Iranian market.

Buy Carpets from Iran and sell it to the clients

Buy Carpets from Iran and sell it to the clientsThe carpet trade has been in recession in recent years. People’s purchases have been limited as a result of the recession. Especially carpet which is not as popular as it used to be and carpet sales are confined to corporate units. In recent years we have seen an unprecedented growth in chain stores, which has led to nearly 70% of wall to wall carpet trends 2018 Ownership of these stores was less than 30% of the trade unions.And with a little bit of speculation about Europeans and a little bit of a wall to wall carpet prices difference with the Iranian product they sell. Turkish carpet companies have also identified the Iranian market to be competitive with the Europeans in carpet supply and are bringing their brands to market. Let’s see.So when there is no difference in the appearance and quality of carpeting, why buy external carpeting?You can buy wall to wall carpet online to export it.

Wall To Wall Carpet| Best Brands And Prices in 2019

Wall To Wall Carpet is one of the first choices for any home flooring family because of the comfort it brings. This product is still one of the most demanding products that is fully compatible with any style of furniture and decor, not only thermal insulation, but also sound insulation and people prefer to keep the floors of the room warm with proper carpeting. Do not break the containers that fall on the ceramics.

To buy this product you can refer to the companies that work in this field and choose the best type by comparing their types and prices.

Wall To Wall Carpet| Best Brands And Prices in 2019

Best places to buy wall to wall carpets in UK

Best places to buy wall to wall carpets in UKExports of acrylic carpets to the United Kingdom are listed on the list of major carpet export orders. Acrylic carpet weave has advantages to export. The use of natural yarn with high carpet prices excludes sales figures. On the other hand, polyester yarn is neither soft nor smelly at all and is not a good choice for textures. Although not as natural as acrylic yarn, it is very similar to natural yarn and is not allergenic, so its price is very reasonable and its designs and roles are exported to the UK for export.

Bestselling Kinds Of Wall Carpets in Europe

Bestselling Kinds Of Wall Carpets in EuropeIf you do not want to spend too much on wall carpet tiles and want to wash it early, it is advisable to use low-back carpeting with short towels that are often rough. Old-fashioned carpets are this type, both cheaper and easier to wash. Compact tissues with long lint are also more suitable for high-yielding areas. Long lint carpets are definitely easier to sit and walk with. It may even reduce your headache, but keeping these carpets clean is not easy. You should carefully clean all the small junk that is hidden in the pads each time you vacuum.

Non-flammability is one of the features of a good carpet that is more expensive. Carpet texture is heat and sound insulation. For this reason, carpet is very suitable in noisy and cold places. Both the carpet and the carpet, due to their delicate texture, stylize the straight lines and geometric architecture of the room. Normally, the low-rise rooms are carpeted to make them look more furnished. He said: Old-fashioned carpeting, cheap but low-end flooring and even coarse-grained flooring are fast and convenient to wash, but thicker and more designed carpet have more fans in the market. Highly colored carpets are most commonly used to cover the floors of bedrooms.

How to find Bulk buyers for wall carpets in the world?

How to find Bulk buyers for wall carpets in the world?Some carpet price lists have approved prices. Different brands produce different types of carpeting, here we introduce some of them. Many factories around the world produce carpet types.This has made it possible for customers to:

  • brand
  • Plan
  • Model
  • Color
  • Price
  • Crop Height

Have the best choices.

There are two ways to buy a wall to wall carpet:

  • wall to wall carpet online shops
  • Huge market for this product

wall to wall carpet near me: The carpet sales center has a very interesting idea to show to the customers by displaying all the carpets in special showrooms. Customers will see a variety of carpets in different designs and colors and with excellent quality when modeling. Their hands are more open to choice, and they are happy with that. Because they know that there is no plan that they have not seen and missed. For this reason, they are confident in their major and retail purchases with the guidance of sales center experts. To access carpet dealers, you must find them through the company’s website. You can get help from sellers of this product to get details of their products and their dealership prices and to find the nearest dealer.

Is it safe too buy carpets in bulk online?

Is it safe too buy carpets in bulk online?Wholesalers, sometimes referred to as middlemen, represent one of the links in the chain that most goods cross the market. Wholesalers, as an interface between producers and consumers of goods, facilitate shipping, quantity and warehouse preparation and storage for customers. A wholesaler may have control of the retail operation, but will never sell the products to the end customer. In fact, many wholesale operations are owned by retailers or manufacturers. Even in these cases, the wholesale company depends on market demand in another region to facilitate the transfer of goods from one region. Wholesalers can succeed when they are well aware of their customers’ needs. These customers can be retailers or other wholesalers.

Nowadays, with the expanding use of the internet platform, the majority of purchases are made through the internet space and through online stores. But the question is whether shopping from any online store is safe or not. Among the things that should be considered in a secure purchase are the legal licenses of online stores that are discussed below.

The look of authentic online stores: Authentic online stores for a professional look and enjoyable user experience and quality content have to spend a lot of money so that users can easily work with it on PC or mobile and have a good shopping experience.

Legal licenses for valid online stores: In a reputable online store, legal trust symbols must be present

Specification of the high quality wall carpet

Specification of the high quality wall carpet Carpet and its benefits include interesting options. Which is more visible than other flooring such as parquet, laminate or stone. If we have the right information about the advantages and disadvantages of existing flooring, we can definitely make a better choice.

wall to wall carpet installation Benefits including:

1- The beauty of carpet: Quality carpets and wall carpet decor have different textures. Each of these tissues can have an extraordinary appearance. Using a carpet to cover all or space with other open materials can help improve your space.

2- Extreme comfort of the carpet: By now, you must have noticed that the parquet and laminate malfunctions were used after a while. There are some basic points that the carpet itself solves in any case. Due to the flexibility of the fibers this problem is most easily solved, the comfort that carpeting can provide for adults or infants is not comparable to any other flooring.

3- Carpet, heat and cold insulation: The carpet is an excellent thermal insulator. In hot or cold seasons provides a favorable year in the environment. Optimum temperature means saving energy and saving it year-round. In addition, Sisal products support floor heating. And you can easily use it even with the floor heating system.

4- Carpet and allergy reduction: The issue of whether or not allergens are carpeting and other flooring has been a subject of interest for many years. And people have been scared that carpeting may exacerbate allergies. But according to research done, the correct answer is that contamination on hard flooring is not restricted, in other words, suspended. Whereas high quality carpets prevent dust and allergens from being suspended in the air. And minimize the rate of exacerbation of allergies.

5- Carpet and indescribable comfort: We all know that the carpet’s acoustic properties minimize the extra ambient sound. Nowadays our urban spaces are full of various noise and noise pollution. Think of it as carpeting so much of the unwanted sounds of the environment can be reduced. And as we all know, a quieter environment will lead to more relaxation in the behavior of those present.

6- A safer carpet environment: For those who have babies. Or families with older people among family members. Carpeting the floor space or at least the rooms can be the best option. Because these people need more attention. And carpeting can certainly minimize the risk of carelessness in the home environment.

wall to wall carpet prices and the cost of using quality carpeting in some cases even exceed the cost of other flooring. But considering the initial cost of buying a carpet cannot be the criterion of choice. Because it is the criterion of choosing the right quality of a product and its long-term performance. Buying quality carpeting while investing and not having to replace it in the short term will impact energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, minimize noise inside and outside the environment and improve your health and safety. 

Discounts of carpets for major buyers

Discounts of carpets for major buyersThere are two types of discounts to attract customers:

  • Wholesale – If you have a store that sells bulk products as well as customers who want bulk sellers, you can offer discounts to those who make more purchases that will make you sell more.
  • Consumer Products It is possible that the products in the store are consumer products, in other words, the customer may need to re-purchase the product he or she has purchased for example: food, health products

Best brand for buying Wall to wall carpets from

Best brand for buying Wall to wall carpets fromGet the Wall to wall carpets information you need to know the technical specifications to identify the best and the best carpet for yourself and be an expert yourself and not care about the name and brand of the carpet. This does not mean that a company does not have a quality carpet brand because if it is not quality it will only work for a while and then it will disappear. That’s why we say don’t pay attention to the carpet brand and don’t just buy brand and brand. There are lucrative people who sell smaller factory carpets and sometimes shoddy carpets by affixing brand names to the carpets. In this case, anyone who has no information about the carpet will be tricked. Or buy from reputable showrooms and stores that have carpet reference warranty for their products. Only then if you do not even have a string of carpet technical specifications, you will not be tricked.

You might be one of those people who think that if you buy a high-density rug, you buy a quality rug. This is a misconception because the most important factor that raises the quality of a rug is its raw material. Raw yarn is very important because 80% of the weight of a carpet is made of yarn. Raw yarn for traditional carpets may be polyester, acrylic, brite, crack and filament. Using heatsink yarns and heatsinks several times improves the quality of the carpet because the heatsinking of the yarn makes the carpet resistant and durable to many things such as: sunlight, rinsing with strong detergents, heat and The toe is very resistant and does not lose its shape and does not shrink after washing and so-called water. The high density and shoulder make the carpet beautiful and close to handcrafted. A carpet may have two different threads with the same number of combs and densities.

How do you deal with carpet?

How do you deal with carpet?Buy Good Carpet Tips:

Patterned colored carpets are usually made of poor composition and are very heavy. These rugs are designed for the bedroom but they are not suitable for use in the bedroom and can be allergic to children.

One of the most popular carpets among other carpets is the prominent flower rugs, which have a variety of designs and colors and are well priced. These rugs are suitable for office use. The quality of these rugs is poor and the prominent design on these rugs will last until the first wash. Buying this type of rug is not suitable for a child’s room because they are difficult to clean and will cause the child to walk and sit on it.

The Importance of Shelf Life; Secrets about Carpet gender:

One of the disadvantages of carpets is that they absorb dust very quickly and release it in the slightest shake. To avoid this problem, you can choose carpets that use olefins in their texture. These types of carpets are quickly cleaned and resistant to moisture, but over time they lose their original shape and become elastic. The nylon rugs used in their fabric are more durable than other cheap rugs and are highly resistant to deformation.

Select carpet by color and fashion:

People choose the carpet according to their taste but it is also involved in the purchase of carpet except for the taste. Until recently, most people chose carpets that had bright colors, but gradually the tendency for them to come up with walnut or burnt brown carpets.

Best information about wall carpets

Best information about wall carpetsYou must have had some confusion when choosing a carpet flooring. These days, carpets come in a wide variety of designs and styles, making it difficult to choose when shopping. But if you consider a few tips when shopping, you can easily get the best carpet for your intended use. Continue with the carpet buying guide to learn the important points when buying a carpet and the good carpet features.

  • The carpet has a great variety of colors, designs and gender that anyone can choose the color and design depending on the decoration of the place and its application.
  • The carpet can be a thermal insulator for the colder months and you no longer have to wear socks to walk home.
  • Carpeting can be an acoustic insulator for noisy places.
  • Carpet maintenance is much easier.
  • For families with young children, carpeting is a better and safer choice.
  • The carpet is compatible with any style of furniture and decoration.
  • Carpeting can give your home an attractive color and texture.
  • Places with low furnishings look more carpeted and furnished.
  • Layered carpets make the large spaces more cozy and friendly.

Moquette upholstery fabric | Types and Characteristics

The upholstery is a big investment for a sofa o armchair that you don’t want to be second-guessing it a few month after the piece arrives on your doorstep.

Moquette upholstery fabric is a  material that include fabric, webbing, padding and spring that makes sofas or chairs and other furniture covering soft. In recent years, a wide variety of materials has been used in the producing of the sofas, chairs and other types of furniture. Furniture is one of the most essential means for every home that gives a beautiful and distinctive touch to home decoration, and in addition to its applications, it is also subject to attention. One of the things that certainly doubles the beauty of the sofa is the upholstery fabric.

types of upholstery fabrics

types of upholstery fabricsThe upholstery fabric pf  sofa like any other fabric has different types of designs, depending on the type of furniture, the royal or the comfort, and its use, it should be of the best type of fabric. In terms of price, the fabrics are different, and depending on which country they produce, the price varies. To choose a furniture fabric you have to examine different aspects of the fabric so that you can choose the best type of fabric for furniture or chairs. First of all, consider the type of furniture you use to choose the furniture fabric. There are too many moquette fabric samples in the market and you can find different types of it. If you want to see different designs of furniture fabric you can find them on the internet websites.

moquette fabric characteristics

moquette fabric characteristics

Among the fabrics there is so much variety of kind that each person can easily choose a good cloth according to his taste and the type of furniture application. Generally, furniture fabrics are divided in kind into two groups of natural fibers and synthetic fibers. Moquette fabric characteristics, In natural fibers, you can choose from a variety of linen, viscose, acetate, rhino, leather, silk and wool finishes, each of which is of a different quality from one another. In  the group of artificial fibers, there are also acrylic, nylon, polyester and, in some cases, silk fabrics. There are too many factories around the world that are producing moquette upholstery fabric with different designs and colors. You can find different types of fabric in the furniture stores or from fabric stores.

Moquette upholstery fabric suppliers

Moquette upholstery fabric suppliersOne of the most important parts of choosing and buying a sofa fabric is its quality detection. The first solution for determining the quality of a sofa fabric is to squeeze the texture of the fabric. If you want to be sure of the strength and strength of the fabric, you should drag the fabric in a number of different directions. If the fabric has grown to your liking, then that cloth is not good at all because the quality fabric is never cured. As it was said in many countries around the world there are too many factories that are producing moquette upholstery fabric, but some of them are famous and are producing furniture fabrics with best quality. In Italy, Iran, Turkey, America and etc, there are too many factories that are producing this material with the highest quality.

Moquette upholstery fabric price range

Moquette upholstery fabric price range

As it was said and mentioned above, The fabrics of the sofas, armchairs or other types of furniture, like any other fabrics, have different types of ware and designs. Also we have different brands in the global market that each of them are producing furniture fabrics with different materials and methods. In terms of price, furniture fabrics are different and vary depending on which country they are producing and the materials and fibers they produce. If you want to have information about the moquette upholstery fabric its better to find its suppliers or sellers and ask for help.